Shared Wisdom for Successfully Leading Organizations

Author: Aretha Ndikumwami

How a non-profit CEO can create a culture of innovation

Once you’ve set a strategic direction and put together the team, you’ll want to work on building a culture of innovation and constant self-improvement. As the CEO of a non-profit organization, you’ll have to set the tone and put processes in place that will encourage staff to be open to critical thinking about the everyday work, with an eye on creative problem-solving and positive changes.

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Managing your team for results

As the CEO of a non-profit organization, you have a responsibility to provide the leadership that will inspire employees to give the organization the best of their talent. You will set the standard for management and make sure that the people responsible for a job have the resources, the information, and the support to do it.

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Being inspirational both in good times and bad

The role of the CEO in a non-profit organization should also be inspirational in good times and bad. You should talk with the employees periodically about the values of the organization.

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Keeping your board informed and engaged

The board’s ability to make sound decisions for the organization depends on your commitment to provide them detailed, clear information at the right time. It is worth spending some time to think about your plan for keeping the board informed and what communication tools you plan to use.

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Your first 30 days as the new CEO of a nonprofit organization: meeting with stakeholders

Congratulations, you got your first CEO job! Now, what do you do?

First, avoid the temptation to make promises and set strategic goals in the first few weeks. This is a common impulse for new leaders, especially first-time CEOs with heroic notions. They run the risk of setting expectations that are too high, making promises that are unrealistic, or acting before thoroughly understanding the organization.

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